About Me


I’m a game engineer with a background in design and new technologies. I bring my experience in prototyping, graphics, traditional game development, middleware like Unity and Unreal, VR, and working with clients together to create great games within the constraints of industry deadlines. To me, the best part of being an engineer in games is taking a concept from a pure concept to reality. I love to collaborate with artists and designers and help them realize their ideas.

Outside of work, I often bounce back and forth between making indie games and tinkering with new software and technology. I’m always in the process of working on something new and it’s nice to have a project that has no pressure and deadlines tied to it. One of my goals is to release a game that can captivate and inspire my players.

If you want to know more, please reach out to me about job opportunities, my past projects, questions about my posts, or whatever else is on your mind.